IMPORTANT: ONSITE attendance is NO LONGER possible, all participants that registered before 3 OCT are cleared to come!. You can still participate online though. Dont forget your power adaptors/converters if you require one. These will NOT be provided onsite!

Note travel and logding expenses are not covered. Only Food and Beverage will be provided during the entire hackathon event!

The event will be split between TWO locations!

  1. Friday 21st October evening welcome reception (Pitch, goodie bag & badge collection) starting at 17:00 EDT: Air Canada Downtown Office (20 Queen St W 4th floor, Toronto, ON M5H 3S8, Canada)
  2. Saturday 22nd October from 09:00 EDT until close on sunday: IBM innovation (16 York St, Toronto, ON M5J 2Z2, Canada)


This event takes place in a hybrid format! However we will strive to make it as interactive as possible by using the dedicated Microsoft Teams webmeeting for the online participants!

Welcome to the second of two ONE Record 2022 Hackathon, a round-the-clock experience which comprises:

  • One week ideation phase to prepare your project - starting Monday 17th October
  • 28 hour coding experience to work on your projects and pitch ideas to a team of industry experts and mentors

During the Hackathon you will be asked to build solutions to enhance cargo products using the ONE Record Data Sharing standard by multimodal means. We will ask you to address at least one of the related challenges by using at least one of the APIs available at the event. In parallel, you will be able to attend some of the workshops that will take place remotely and gain access to mentors that will support you through the Hackathon experience.

NB - IATA does NOT retain developers' Intellectual Property (IP) on any of their ideas/prototypes presented at this Hackathon. Detailed information under Terms and Conditions.

More information can be found on the dedicated Developer Portal for ONE Record.




  • Friday 21st October 17:00 EDT the welcome reception starts. Introduction of mentors, sponsors prizes and details of the challenges. Following on, each team should present their high level ideas for validation. If you are joining onsite you are REQUIRED to attend this session, as without this you arent able to advance to the next stage taking place on saturday & sunday


  • Saturday 22nd October 09:00 EDT welcome back and start of workshops on the ONE Record APIs (follow Microsoft Teams link) more information will be released at the ideation kick-off


  • Sunday 23rd October 14:00 EDT Coding finishes and submissions must be completed for judges to see.
    • At around 1430 EDT (this gives enough time for a quick drink/eat/smoke/powernap break) all team to dial into Teams meeting (just like the opening session) whereby IATA will host a few updates and ask each team (INFORMALLY) to present their ideas to the other teams. Note the judges wont be in this video as they are scoring the submissions through Devpost.
    • At around 1700/1800 EDT judging will be completed and the judges will then join the call and announce the winners
    • Around 1900 EDT the event closes



Each team should choose and address at least ONE (1) challenge

  • Warehouse Challenge
  • Safety & Security Challenge
  • PayCargo Challenge - Taking payment solutions to a new level
  • Open challenge

 More information can be found on the update tab and Discord feed

Note that full challenge and API connection details will be provided at the start of the Ideation phase on Monday 17th October

Although all submissions must be submitted electronically through DevPost, we will ask all participants to show live using the Microsoft Teams link at the dedicated judging time (starting at 14:30 EDT) on Sunday 23rd October. More information on the order and teams will be shared closer to the time.

Idea Submission 

  • Register on Devpost
  • Submit your idea / project proposal via email to
  • Describe the problem you are addressing and the solution you intend to build during the hackathon
  • Register on Discord/Devpost  to find your teammates (if required)
    • Describe team members' skills, plus skills needed by team members who may join your team
  • Promote your idea on Social Media: #ONERecord #DigitalCargo

The idea should be a project that you haven't done before and the first day of the hackathon (Saturday 22nd October) should be the first day you start developing and coding.

In order to make sure that Ideas are on the right track, we invite each team to start designing at the start of the ideation phase (17th October) and share your high level ideas with the IATA Team during the welcome reception on friday live in person. All teams must submit their ideas for approval in order to be able to be eligible to participate. 


Final Project Submission (on Sunday 23rd October)

Remember to submit on time (1400 EDT) the textual pitch and video (more info below) for the judging phase on Sunday 23rd October!

1. Textual Pitch on Devpost

You should explain:

  • The problem your project solves, including which ONE Record challenge(s) are addressed
  • Your solution and what it does
  • How did you build it?
  • What are you proud of?
  • What is next step for your solution and how will you take that step?
  • Links to test the solution (e.g., Github, Website, App, adobe) and the code

2. Video Pitch (5 Minutes Max): 

Upload a video (5 minutes max) of the working demo of the solution on Youtube as a public video (it can be unlisted if you want) explaining your solution and the problems it solves. The link to the video must be uploaded on Devpost as well. 



Important Reminder

Team sizes should be MAXIMUM 7 participants. we recommend a minimum of 2.

All projects must be submitted by Sunday, October 23rd 2022, at 14:00 EDT.

Judging will take place straight after submission and award ceremony with winner annoucement following starting around 17:00 EDT.


Hackathon Sponsors


$10,000 in prizes

Air Canada Cargo Prize

The Air Canada Cargo prize is awarded to the solution that best addresses the Air Canada Cargo challenge

note that there is a 1000 USD bonus for onsite winners

One Record Prize (2)

The ONE Record prize is awarded to the solution that made the best use of the ONE Record API in terms of innovation and creativity.

note that there is a 1000 USD bonus for onsite winners

Developer Prize

The Developer prize is awarded to the solution that made the best use of technology, showed exceptional coding skills and (mostly) bug-free

note that there is a 1000 USD bonus for onsite winners

PayCargo Prize

The PayCargo prize is awarded to the solution that best uses the PayCargo API and addresses the PayCargo challenge

note that there is a 1000 USD bonus for onsite winners

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Janet Wallace

Janet Wallace
Senior Director Cargo Transformation Air Canada

Dr. Jan-Wilhelm Breithaupt

Dr. Jan-Wilhelm Breithaupt
Vice President Global Fulfillment Management, Lufthansa Cargo

Christian Riege

Christian Riege
Managing Director, Riege Software

Hendrik Leyssens

Hendrik Leyssens
VP Global Operations Cargo - Swissport

Alessandro Rivolta

Alessandro Rivolta
Corporate Digital Cargo Manager, Alha Group

Klaas Kurz

Klaas Kurz
Director AVSEC & Governance, DB Schenker

Matthias Hurst

Matthias Hurst

Gregory G. Maloney, Ph.D.

Gregory G. Maloney, Ph.D.
Director of the Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Florida International University

Judging Criteria

  • Originality & Innovation
    Is the project bringing value add & unique solution to the market? Is it a solution or creation we have never seen before? Is it a better way of doing current processes?
  • Technical Merit & Difficulty
    Is it technically interesting or difficult to develop? Is the hack usable in its current state? Does everything appear to work as intended? Does it deliver a great experience? Is it mostly bug-free?
  • Impact
    Does the project have any feasible application and/or have an impact that goes above and beyond? Will this help the supply chain with a real problem that we are currently facing? Can this be implemented?
  • Presentation Skills
    Is the presentation clear & well structured? Does the project clearly define the problem? Solution? The features of the product or service? The benefits?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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